Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'd like to welcome you to The Good Views


Hey you good-looking, smart and amazing readers and film-lovers! Thank you for visiting my site! I hope you stay awhile. I started this site with the intention of sharing reviews and information about some of the great books and films I come across. We all know about the books that are the newest best-sellers, and the movies that shine at the box office, but what about those great works that people have forgotten about or overlooked? I hope to bring attention to these other great books and films, as well as learn from you all!

What's your favorite self-help book?
Which independent film have you watched 10+ times?
Which foreign film do you absolutely love because it makes you want to splurge on a last minute plane ticket over there?
What eye-opening novels have you read that you're surprised didn't become best-sellers?
This site is for those hard-core book and film-lovers, and  the occasional reader who just needs a good suggestion every now and then.
My interests are varied and still growing! I love fiction, history, international cultures, the African diaspora, the philosophy of education, self-empowerment, finance, meditation, comedy, psychology, plays, music, and religion. Stay tuned as the site grows with me, and together we can enjoy "the good views".
Your friend,

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